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CAT Testing

Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT3)

Fundy Home Educators has CAT3 testing materials available for members to use.

Canadian Achievement Tests (3rd edition) are a series of tests designed to measure achievement in the basic skills commonly taught in schools across the country.  They were developed using a large representative of Canadian students.  The subject areas measured are reading, spelling, vocabulary, language, study skills, and mathematics.  Specific science or history questions would not be asked as this material varies from school to school.  There are seven tests.  You must follow specific instructions for each test.  (Timing is very specific. You will need a stopwatch.).  The parent administers and marks the tests in his/her own home. 

Why do people test?

  • To see how a child measures up to a larger group of children
  • To establish a starting point from which to measure progress (especially helpful for those just beginning to homeschool)
  • To see where a child’s weak areas are and to assess areas that may need more attention on your part.  (If you have been teaching your child for a while, there are usually no surprises; just confirmation of what you already suspected.)

There is a minimal cost

While we have the tests in workbook form, the consumables must be purchased externally. Fees must be paid in advance of the testing so that they can be ready for your testing dates.  Currently, the costs is $20 for first time test-takers, and $11 for those students who have used our supplies before.