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FHE Policies



Parental Responsibility

It is parents’ responsibility to ensure adequate supervision of their own children at all times. Parents are responsible to assess the safety of the activities that they choose for their children and participation is at your own risk. Parents (or designated guardian) must always be directly supervising their own children at FHE events except under specific circumstances (outlined below). 

Nut-Free Environments/Allergies

All of our events and field trips MUST be Nut-Free Environments. Please make this a priority and respect this requirement.  We recognize that some children have additional allergies, but it would be impossible to limit all potential allergy-related risks.  Parents are responsible to identify and monitor potential allergy risks at all events.

Covid-19 Guidelines

Due to the fluid nature of provincial guidelines, each individual event will be evaluated for the most appropriate applicable guidelines. Those guidelines will be posted to each event for those wanting to sign up. All events are at your own risk and it is up to parents to assess whether the event is appropriate for their family. As we are a formed group it may be necessary in the event of an outbreak to show the province that due diligence was taken. Please be respectful that we are all doing our best in the current pandemic.

Event Creation

If it follows our guidelines, members are encouraged to organize activities that appeal to their students’ interests (e.g., playdates, beach days, hikes, babysitting courses, or music lessons).  Simply work out the details, figure out the parameters and then we can offer it up to our members to join you.

As you go through this process, please check the calendar and avoid planning activities close to educational fairs or large scale events.  If you would like advice on organizing an activity, please email us. 

Members are encouraged to submit their event for approval in our group website for approval. Once your event is approved it will be displayed for all members to see and sign up for. 

Event Organizers are asked to consider the following safety concerns for each event:

  • Parking & Traffic: Any concerns are to be communicated to parents before an event.  
  • Emergency and/or Evacuation: Parents (or designated guardian) are to collect their own children and assemble in the farthest corner of the property away from the threat. Parents (or designated guardian) must inform the event organizer when they are leaving. Event organizer is to double check the sign-in sheet to ensure that all families have been accounted for. 
  • First Aid Kit: An accessible first aid kit must be present. FHE now owns several First Aid kits that can be borrowed for events. 

Drop-Off Event Policies (under age 12)

Drop-off events where parents leave and volunteers are arranged to supervise are NOT permitted for children under the age of 12.

Drop-Off Event Policies (over age 12)

Clearly specified drop-off events for children 12 years of age and over (no exceptions) are permitted under the following conditions:

  • A minimum of two (2) unrelated parent volunteers are present. To become a parent volunteer, you must be approved by FHE Executive by completing volunteer screening.
  • Event details and the need for insurance has been evaluated by FHE Executive based on the nature of the activity, location, risk, etc.
  • Reasonable steps have been taken to restrict unsupervised access to the children. Where parent volunteers are responsible for children, no-one should have unsupervised access to a child. There should always be two (2) unrelated adults present. These measures will avoid inappropriate actions taking place, or accusations thereof. 

Non-FHE Member Participation

Events appearing in our group calendar are for our member families only. Do not invite other non-member families to join in. If you wish to invite non-FHE families, you may plan and advertise your own private event and invite whomever you wish, but the event will not be displayed on the FHE calendar. 

Some exceptions may apply for specific events where other homeschool groups are invited to participate with us.

3rd Party Events

Events being organized via another organization are permitted to be shared via email or facebook if the organization is clearly identified and if the other organization is collecting registration forms and payments. It must be clear that FHE is NOT organizing the event.

Advertising Private Events

Directly posting or advertising PRIVATE events through FHE is not permitted via our email and/or facebook group. If you wish to organize an event that does not follow these guidelines and advertise it to your friends privately, you are more than welcome to do so.  At no time will the actual event, time, location or details of a privately run event be communicated via our facebook group or through the FHE email account. 

Members may plan casual meetups and use the facebook page to invite members to participate. These events are at your own risk and FHE holds no liability in such activities. An example of a casual meet-up post on the facebook page is "We are heading to the park for a walk at 1 pm. Message me if you would like to join us."

Insurance Certificates

For some events involving physical risk, the need for an insurance certificate through HSLDA may be required. The risk level and the potential need for insurance will be evaluated by the Executive before an event is approved. If it is determined that a certificate is needed, a member of our Executive will assist you in obtaining the certificate. Certificates should be purchased as early as possible as there is a waiting period with our insurance provider. You may need to collect a fee from each participating student to pay for the certificate.

Sensitive Offers

Events that may be a sensitive offer or that do not comply with our Statement of Faith and Purpose will not be permitted or advertised through FHE. 

FHE Executive reserve the right to choose what will be endorsed by way of activities, events and/or content and withhold what could be deemed unsuitable by the majority of the membership. We understand that there are varying opinions on different topics and that there will not always be agreement. Please use discernment when selecting activities suitable for your children. On the rare occasion when something may be viewed as a sensitive offer, we ask you to graciously support the Executive’s decisions. We welcome your ideas and contributions and it is our desire to facilitate your suggestions whenever possible.

Event Attendance & Commitments

In many cases, non-refundable prepayment will be required for events. Please be considerate when cancelling on an event that you have signed up for.  Only sign-up for events if you are serious about following through in order to avoid the event organizer or FHE being left to pay for a cancellation.

We often partner with other organizations to put on events. Carefully maintaining a positive reputation within our community is important to provide opportunities to our children in the future. In most cases, we need to confirm attendance in advance based on sign-ups. We want our partnering organizations to feel that their efforts on our behalf were appreciated. Please follow through with commitments.  


Membership and Activity Guidelines

Participation Eligibility

Membership and the associated activities organized by FHE extends to parents and their homeschool-aged children as indicated on the registration form. Additional children may be added throughout the year if they begin homeschooling.

Homeschool Student Activities

The following are examples of events where only FHE member homeschooled students may participate: swimming lessons, gym classes, field trips, science fair, heritage fair, literacy fair, track and field day, Christmas craft day.

Event organizers can use their discretion and create categories for younger children if they choose. The registration process will clearly indicate which age groups will be hosted at each event and you will be asked to register these kids in advance. 

Family Style Events

Family style events often fall outside of public school hours, such as evenings or weekends, and are designed for the whole family to enjoy. Examples of these events include: gym nights, potluck dinners, park dates, year end party.

Friends and Family Involvement

We encourage extended family members and friends to attend learning events that include viewings of student work like an art exhibit, science fair, or heritage fair. Specific viewing times will be posted and will remain separate from the competitive portion of the event.

Social Media Photographs

Pictures of children will not be featured on our website or public facebook page without parental permission. Pictures may be shared in our private facebook page and/or secure website, which is only viewable by our members.  

We ask that our members not share any photos of other children on their personal social media account without parental permission. It is impossible for our executive team to monitor members’ online activities, so please be considerate of others. 

If parents feel strongly about this topic, make event organizers and parents aware of this at any events you attend and remove your children from staged group photos.

Invitations to the Media/Special Guests

Invitations to the media or other special guests (i.e., school board representatives) are to be extended only by the FHE Executive. If you would like to invite the media to one of our events, please contact one of us.  If an invitation like this is made, our members will be advised.


Within the secure section of our website we have a business directory, where you are able to submit your company information for approval. Other members may contact you if they are interested in your services/products.

The following educational items may be shared in our secure website/private facebook page as long as it doesn't become excessive:

  • Used books or vendors of books (like Usborne and Scholastics)

  • Other educational products that are typically of interest to home educators.

Note: The executive team reserves the right to deny any listing in the business directory that is deemed unsuitable for the majority of our members and/or that may not be respectful of our Statement of Faith.