If you have serious questions about homeschooling and are not ready to become a member of FHE, we welcome you to attend one of our Teachers’ Lounge Meetings so that we can discuss your questions.  You do not need a membership to attend this meeting, but if you could shoot us a message to let us know to look for you at the meeting, that would be a wonderful help.  Our hope is to connect with you at this meeting and address your questions face-to-face.

The date and time of our next meeting will be published on the home page of the web site and is also available via our Facebook group.

We love to talk homeschooling, but our busy homeschools, our FHE member families, and regular old life prevents us from responding to general homeschool inquiries via our gmail account.

If you have questions about membership or would like to join us at an upcoming parent’s meeting, please fill out the handy little form below, or email us at fundyhomeeducators(at)gmail(dot)com.

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