Canadian Heritage Fair

Fundy Home Educators has held its own Canadian Heritage Fair since 2005.

Why should my child participate in the Heritage Fair?

Heritage Fairs inspire a passion for learning, a sense of place and belonging, connections with communities, people and the past, as well as an appreciation for New Brunswick and Canadian history.

What kind of Heritage Fair project can my child do?

There are a vast number of project possibilities. It can be anything from the past. The project could be something from the worlds of science, sports, or medicine, a specific time period, an invention, famous person, music, social studies, technology, math, recreation, etc. It could be a home video, a demonstration, art, music, a display, costumes, posters. We hope this will encourage our children to learn more about their community and country while developing and expressing their creative talents.

As a support group, we have gone on to participate in the Regional Heritage Fair for home schoolers and private school students.

Our Heritage Fair is an opportunity to let the students show off their hard work to family and friends.  A program is held to award prizes in different age categories and to provide an opportunity for the students to perform for an audience. They have done recitations, songs, dramatic readings, instrumentals and much more.


Canadian Heritage Fair – April 2013