General Policies


Email is our primary means of communicating with our membership.  It is your responsibility to ensure that we have the correct email address and that you check your email regularly.  A membership phone list will be assembled and emailed.  Email addresses will be included on the contact list.  All of the information on this list is strictly for your personal homeschool use. Please do not use it for mass emailing.


Facebook Member Only Group Page

We have a Facebook page available to members, who have paid registration and submitted their current year registration form. Instructions on accessing this page will be provided with your welcome letter. The goal of this page is to encourage parents to interact in this social media forum.  It should help facilitate last minute park dates or connect families with similar ages! This will remain a member only page and wall conversations or post will load into your typical News Feed.  The purpose and use of this page will be for members to connect, where the traditional FHE facebook page will remain and be used for standard event promotion.


Other FHE Communication Methods and Resources






Nut-Free Environments/Allergies

All of our events and field trips MUST be Nut-Free Environments for the safety of our students. Please make this a priority and respect this requirement.

We recognize that some children have allergies other than nuts. Unfortunately, it would be impossible to ban all foods that our children are allergic to. Parents are responsible to identify and monitor potential allergy risks at all events. 

Policy Regarding the Promotion of Activities and Events

As our group is founded on Christian principles, we reserve the privilege to choose what we will endorse by way of activities or events and withhold what could be deemed unsuitable by the greater part of the group. We understand that because there are many varying opinions on numerous topics, there will not always be agreement.  As parents, we should always use discernment when selecting activities for our children.

This being said, as your leadership, we ask that you would graciously support our decision on the rare occasion when something may be viewed as a sensitive offer. We welcome your ideas and contributions and it is our desire to facilitate your suggestions when possible.


We depend on local churches for many of our meetings and events. If you have access to a church or community facility that we may use occasionally, please let us know.

We are responsible for setting up and tearing down when we meet at churches. If you are able to be a few minutes early or to stay a few minutes late to help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Safety and Privacy

Our public Fundy Home Educators Facebook page and our website will only post limited information about our events. We will not publicize our classes, events, or recreational locations outside our membership list. 

As a matter of safety, we will only disclose our full meeting details for our adult centered events such as Teachers’ Lounge evenings. We will send emails and post full event information on our private member’s only Facebook page.

Social Media Photographs

Our members have varied views on posting pictures of their children on social media. Pictures of your children will not be featured on our website or public facebook page without parental permission, which you would have indicated on your membership application form. If parents feel strongly about this, clear communication is the best way to prevent unintentional harm. It is helpful to make event organizers and parents aware of this at any events you may attend and remove your children from staged group photos.


Fundy Home Educators, event organizers and facilities assume no liability for any injury or harm to any children that may occur during any events/activities. It is parents’ responsibility to supervise their own children at all times. Parents are responsible to assess the safety of the activities that they chose their children to participate in. Participation is at your own risk. A Home School Legal Defense membership offers inexpensive liability coverage that you may purchase for your family.

Membership and Activity Guidelines

Participation Eligibility

Membership and the associated activities organized by FHE extends to parents and their homeschool-aged children as indicated in the registration process. Additional children may be added through the year, should they start to be homeschooled.

Our events are designed to provide homeschool children with opportunities to learn, compete, interact, and form peer groups. We aim to provide these kids with some of the opportunities that they would otherwise have had access to in school setting. We offer many events that extend to younger family members and their public school siblings, and we welcome them to attend these events.

Homeschool Student Activities

Activities such as the swimming lessons, gym classes, field trips, science fair, heritage fair, literacy fair, and track and field day are intended for the active participation of homeschool children that are school age. Fair organizers can use their discretion and create categories for younger children if they choose.  These exceptions will be noted in the registration process.  

Family Style Events

These events are intended for families!  They may include gym nights, potluck dinners, or park parties, for example.  These events often fall outside of public school hours, such as evenings or weekends, and are designed for the whole family to enjoy.


Parties can vary in their audience but we typically try to also include preschoolers in special activities like Christmas Craft Day and the End of the Year Party.  Participation is always based on what facilities we have available to us and how many volunteers we have to staff these events. The registration process will clearly indicate which age groups we can host at each event and you will be asked to register these kids in advance. In some instances we will arrange nursery or toddler care onsite.

As a caveat to this, please note that the FHE Swimming Classes are a great way of meeting new friends, even if your child is too young for formal classes.  Make use of the reduced rate for the Tot pool during this time!

Friends and Family Involvement

We encourage friends of your family and family members to attend learning events that include viewings of student work like an art exhibit, science fair, or heritage fair. Specific viewing times will be posted and will remain separate from the competitive portion of the event.

Competitive Events

As parents, we tend to get involved with our children’s activities. Therefore, when an event of a competitive nature is organized, every effort is made to ensure fairness. If the child of the organizing parent does well in the event, we encourage you to celebrate with them. If you are uncomfortable enrolling your student in an event where this scenario is possible, feel free to pass on the activity.

Drop Off Events Vs. Parental Participation

Drop off events will be clearly communicated and are always intended for homeschool students who are at least 5 years of age. The child should be capable of listening and following the instructions of the homeschool parents/volunteer responsible for their care during the activity.  

If it is not a drop off event, parental participation is needed.  We setup the facilities, run the activities, teardown the tables and chairs, and clean the facilities.  We do it all and we do it together!  

We know that some moms are managing babies, toddlers and school aged kids. We promise to keep this in mind.  We really have been there, but if we all pitch in a little, we can get it done.

Private Facebook Page – Post Approval

Sometimes there are events in the works that are far enough along to be a real plan, but not far enough along to communicate the full details to our members.  In order to secure those dates and to avoid event conflicts, each Facebook post will now be approved before it is shared with the group. This is the the easiest way to manage this and replicates how email events are managed.

We have amazing members that have made our private Facebook group a lovely place to share links, events, ideas and to encourage one another. We love to see the support offered to each other. By changing our setting we can ensure that we coordinate our efforts more effectively. Please keep sharing as you have before and we will get posts approved as quickly as possible.

Event Creation

Members are encouraged to organize activities that appeal to their student’s interests and stage of life, such as playdates, beach days, hikes, babysitting courses, or music lessons.  Work out the details, figure out the parameters and then offer it up for others to join you, if you wish. If you would like help organizing an activity, please email the FHE account and we will help you with your plans.

As you go through this process, please check the calendar and try not to plan events close to educational fairs or large scale events.

Member initiated field trips or activities can be shared via Facebook events or emailed to the FHE email account. It is up to the organizer of the event to decide how they want to handle sign ups. These are typically designed for 30 or less students and can fill up quickly. If you wish to ensure you are able to view all possibilities, please take advantage of both email and our private Facebook page.


Invitations to the Media/Special Guests

Our meetings and events need to be safe and comfortable for everyone, especially when our children are involved.  Therefore, we ask that invitations to the media or other special guests (i.e., school board representatives) be extended only by the FHE Executive. If you would like to invite the media to one of our events, please contact one of us.  If an invitation like this is made, you will be advised.