Who We Are

Fundy Home Educators is a Christian home school support group which seeks to help meet the needs of homeschooling families in the greater Saint John area. FHE is designed to provide information, support, and encouragement to parents, and activities/field trips for the home-schooled student. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of Fundy Home Educators is to provide information, inspiration and support from a Christian perspective to home school families. All of our activities will be consistently and forthrightly Christian to the honour and glory of the Lord God. Families who are not Christian are welcome to participate, however, anyone holding a position of leadership must adhere to our statement of faith. Please read our statement of faith here.

Our Cooperative Approach

We are moms and dads – just like you – who volunteer to help other homeschoolers and work together to enrich our children’s education. All activities are cooperative in nature, driven by the interest and involvement of our membership. Our parents make our events possible through their active participation in the activities that their children attend. We work as a team to offer activities that interest and benefit our children and build relationships in our homeschooling community. Please read our general policies here.

Funding and Fees

Membership fees have allowed us to remain an organized and consistent presence in the greater Saint John area for over 20 years.  Fees are collected yearly to help distribute the overhead cost for our homeschool events, location fees, supplies, and resources.  Our primary expenses continue to be rental fees so if you have access to a church basement, let us know!  We also set aside money for the purchase of the next edition of the CAT – a standardized test used in the public school system. Due to the nature of our events, a small cost is sometimes required and in these situations, we often set a maximum family rate.

Executive Team

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have throughout the year.  We’re happy to help!

Chantelle Anderson

Grace Peachman

Heather Milbury

Jillian Ramsay

Stephanie Bryce

Tammy Bigney